Rynott From Local Band, Foreign Shores, Brings On Summer

Foreign Shores

Hot Weather and Hot Music

It seems like summer and new music go hand-in-hand. There are tons of music fests, block parties, and festivals. One of my favorite parts of summer, besides seeing my favorite bands in person, is blasting music in my car and driving will all the windows down and the sun roof open. Of course, with this imagery I have my animal print cat-eye sunglasses and singing at the top of my lungs, and then rejoycing and giggling whenever someone has to roll up their window because I’m too loud.

Well, I got the chance to interview Nick Rynott of Foreign Shores. You may not have heard of them, in fact I’d be insanely impressed if you had. This Chicago Area band has an alternative, yet chill vibe to the scene.

Who is Foreign Shores

Nick Rynott: Lead Singer/Guitarist
Nick Reuille: Guitar
Eric Plancon: Bass
Dom Gaddini: Drums

The Actual Interview

Young (that’s me): How did you meet up and start Foreign Shores?

Rynott: We were all playing in different bands throughout high school, although, Nick had been playing with Dom since they were 13 and I had been playing with Eric for a few years. One day we decided to all play together and everything just came together naturally.

Young: Do you play other instruments?

Rynott: I can play saxophone and some bass a little piano but that’s about it.

[He can play guitar, saxophone, bass, piano and sing but that’s about it. Super modest.]

Young: What do you guys do outside of the band?

Rynott: I’m working on writing some screenplays. Eric goes to columbia for film. Nick Reuille goes to NIU for jazz.

Young: You recently played at a battle of the bands. Talk a bit about your experience.

Rynott: We recently played at the Metro for the Big Mouth Competition and placed second. It
was mostly a good experience; it was really nice to play the Metro.The only thing we weren’t too fond of was being under an eight-minute time constraint and having to adjust our two songs in order to fit in that time frame.

Young: Who are your influences?

Rynott: We are influenced a lot by bands like the Cure, My Bloody Valentine and Foals.

Young: What or who inspires you?

Rynott: Everyday life inspires me in my lyrics and writing. I also draw a lot of inspiration from films and photographs.

Young: What do you like to do outside of the band?

Rynott: Outside of the band, I like to write screenplays. I don’t do much outside of the band. Any chance you could mention that Dom is pretty much a working stiff outside of the band?

[There’s a huge chance I could mention that.]

Young: What’s your favorite part of being in a band? Why?

Rynott: My favorite part of being in a band is watching a song you make evolve into what it eventually becomes.

Young: How can fans support you?

Rynott: Fans can support us by coming to shows and pledging on our kickstarter which we will have up shortly.

Young: How can others hear your music?

Rynott: We are currently in the process of recording but once it’s finished we will be putting it up on bandcamp and itunes.

Young: What’s your musical dream?

Rynott: Our musical dream is pretty much to be able to make music the way we want it to sound and be payed for it.

Young: Who do you want to open for and why?

Rynott: I’d really like to open for the National because their shows are pretty much a celebration.

Young: Last, but not least, what’s next for Foreign Shores?

Rynott: Hopefully getting this album finished by the end of the summer and playing some shows. we’re also in the process of finishing a kickstarter which will be up shortly.

After Thoughts

Thanks very much to Nick Rynott for answering these questions. Check out Foreign Shores on their Facebook page. I look forward to their album and I’m super stoked to be able to support local music. Music is insanely important. If you don’t believe me, think about all the times you hear music in a day. I’m serious, go one day and be aware of it. Support local music and help talent be recognized.


2 thoughts on “Rynott From Local Band, Foreign Shores, Brings On Summer

  1. jennasalak says:

    Nice interview! I also love your calendar count down to The Maine Concert!


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