Hot Debut Novels Book List

So, no one commented to say that they were interested in the list of “Hot Debut” novels or “YA/New Adult” books from my previous post (Reaching Forward Conference Review And Free Stuff Brag). Too bad. I’m going to post them anyway. Each title below is a link that goes to goodreads. There you can see the description of the book (and gives you easy access to add it to your “to read” list). If you have no idea what goodreads is or don’t think it’s your thing, check out my other blog post: Great Reads And Horrible Reads On Goodreads. Without further ado, here’s the list.

Hot Debut List According To Lynnanne Pearson

Well, there you have it. The list of hot debut novels I got from my session at the Reaching Forward Library Conference. Still to come is the list of YA books and New Adult books to check out (from the same conference), and that will be the end of my Reaching Forward stint.

Until next time darlings – Keep reading!


One thought on “Hot Debut Novels Book List

  1. […] promised my blog post Hot Debut Novels Book List, here is the list of YA (Young Adult) books that have adult appeal and an emerging genre, New […]


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