YA Books That Aren’t Just For Teens And New Adult Book List

As promised my blog post Hot Debut Novels Book List, here is the list of YA (Young Adult) books that have adult appeal and an emerging genre, New Adult. This list is not something I came up with myself. It’s something I got from attending the Reaching Forward Conference. (You can read about my experience there in my blog post.) Again, like the previous Reaching Forward list, each bullet has a link. The link leads directly to the authors’ page on goodreads. This makes it easier for you to add these awesome books to your “To Read” list, as well as read a little blurb about what each book is about. I also put in a few notes that I hastily scribbled during the session. Bare with my as I try to read them. So, without further ado: here’s the list.

Not Just For Teens: YA and New Adult Books for Adults according to Lynnane Pearson

Phew that was a lot of figuring out what my notes said, linking, and formatting. This is it! The list of YA books with adult appeal and New Adult books. Check them out and remember to keep reading. That being said, this wraps up the Reaching Forward Conference Series.
What’s coming up next? A new series! My year in books. My goal on goodreads is to read 50 books this year. Stay tuned and I’ll give you the skinny of each book including how many stars, what I thought of it and if you should read it or not!
Until next time my bibliophiles!


7 thoughts on “YA Books That Aren’t Just For Teens And New Adult Book List

  1. jsilly3789 says:

    Sarah Dessen was my everything during junior high and high school! I’ve read “This Lullaby” every summer since sophomore year 🙂


  2. patricia says:

    greeeeeaaat! i love it!!! hi im a newbie so it will mean alot if you checked out my blog- i follow back. kisses!


  3. laurieanneh says:

    Thanks for the list. While I read lots of YA already, it’s always nice to add more authors to my to be read pile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks for posting this list! I’ve been looking for it since the conference. And definitely following your blog now.


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