A Million Ways To Die In The West And Seeing It Is One Of Them: Movie Review

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Holy crap! I went out for a movie two weekends in a row. Look out, someone is having too much free time. (It’s me.) Last weekend I went on another adventure to the moving pictures and saw A Million Ways to Die in the West. Your first question might be Eww. Why? Fair enough. Seth MacFarlane was super active in this movie, if you haven’t seen the trailer – he is. I used to be a huge fan of Family Guy and was curious as to what was going on in the noggin of his lately. Turns out – not much.

We get to the theater early, as usual. Snackage was bought. Tickets were ripped. Seats were grabbed. The theater was a lot less crowded than The Amazing Spider-man 2. That should have been my first hint. We sat down and no little kids were kicking my seat. No one was super talkative. Off to a great start!

The movie itself. Not funny. Let me clarify. I did laugh at a few parts, I’m not going to lie. The funniest parts were given away as freebies in the trailers, unfortunately. The humor was insanely crude, which I expected, but it was done in such a way that wasn’t even funny. It was mostly just gross. (Some background on me: I love crude jokes. I think fart jokes are funny. Slapstick – incomparably funny. Witty humor is the ultimate in my book.) This – I don’t even have words for. The whole movie was about how MacFarlane’s character hates living in the Wild West. Why he hasn’t moved before this movie was made is beyond me. He has a friend who is dating a prostitute at the local bar. He has a thing for this woman who swoops in out of nowhere and changes his world. Sound corny? It is, and this movie was too.

My advice to you, if your boyfriend, friend, significant other, girlfriend, teacher, relative, dog, whoever, wants to see this movie – say no. Say you want to see something else instead and then wait until the movie is no longer in the theaters and act sad that you didn’t get a chance to see it. Rent it, if you absolutely have to. But don’t pay more than a dollar for it.

The best part of the movie was the Maleficent preview.

What are your thoughts on this movie? Have you seen it? Do you want to see it? Am I besmirching all that is MacFarlane and the art of film? Let me know in the comments below. Like, comment, and follow.

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5 thoughts on “A Million Ways To Die In The West And Seeing It Is One Of Them: Movie Review

  1. John Guillen says:

    Everyone knew this was going to be bad. The commercials weren’t even funny. Haha


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