My Humble Beginnings As A Writer

We all have to start somewhere. Here’s my humble beginnings as a writer. The following are entries I found in a journal I was keeping in first grade. I tried to keep the spelling true to how it’s written in my journal. Enjoy!

January 21, 1997
I went slading on Sundan and than we went to Mcdonul’s fro hot choclet and i siad outh! my tast bos birnd. on Friday I cleind my room and it was no fun it aul and on Satrday I got to play decos I warte on Monday.

Date unknown
Frist you buy the dough
Secont put the sauce
Thrd put the topnson
Forth Put the pizza
Feth for 4 minets
Six put a thoopek
Sofen if it is done
Eate tak it out and eat it

I would live in Disney World because you can have a lift me you can go bown a wodrslid and you can swime a lot and expor and I em going to it on the week afdr thanksgefing and wen you safe Disney World I can tla you evytheing about it and you fan have a feyld trep and I can shoo you the prck and you would want to go on efry rid and you would bedese and tat is.

Fedruary 25, 1997
1. I am a smart grile.
2. I love food.
3. I like playing on the payand
4. I live in a house.
I like to play in the back yard.
I have blnd hair.
I like partes.
I like to have my hirecuit
I like sleep ovres.
I like my hir down.
I like swiming.
I like dancing.
I love you.

March 3, 1997
I love plans, I love flowrs aspcsale with pocdots and I hope you arent pocdot, I love you better. I love chocolate cake. Do you like recess?

March 7, 1997
Shool is a placs that you can lean
some people dont like shool but we do.
I wish I wes in Mexico
What did he say?

March 12, 1997
I feel like a jenyes and a lover. I don’t know what I’m sayen do you get it! Ha-0-yae. I feel like I cod fly and seg and that is the sag. I should do my work. I like school.

March 17, 1997
today I’am a leprechaun and some one cote me, and he said wair is your gold! but I did no’t have gold, so I trete him I said look ofre thair and thair but I bon’t see ene gold I sel got you ha how did you get away good bye. so that is the store and whin I cach it agan like hell cach me so Goodbye.

April 8, 1997
Hi I’m Megan and I’m going to took about myself, and I’m frst going to toak about how alde I am I am 7 1/2 and i’m in frst grad. My teacher’s name is Miss Hunt. I have dlue eyes. And I like makeing frinds. I like school. Ad white. And read. And aret posheek. And eating food. The End.

April 9, 1997
How to get enformachin to be nice. you can play whit your frined so thae don’t get loly. You also sode be helpful to your frined don’t say I don’t like you. You sode be nince to your frineds. And be a good frined.

April 15, 1997
Once apon a time a litte caterplliar named Keli Darse and her Mother named Izumi and her Fother named Joe and her dad bide poor daddy Joe and thay beld a cocoln and thay became budeful. The End.

April 29, 1997
Little Girl
Once ayon a time a little Gril named Sohey. She has lots of toys. Oen day she went to the beach! Whit her Mom and Dad. Thay got some tane.

May 2, 1997
Once upon a time a house in the bark and I opend the boor and a gost said doo!

May 5, 1997
If I had 300.00 dollers I would buy
1. a buttler and
2. a made
3. Space Jame
4. Theter
5. Swiming pool
6.Radeo shach
7. libare
8. cafaterea

May 7, 1997
Miss Hunt And The Chocolate Factory
Hi Miss Hunt eat my Ok so she aet it the End.

May 8, 1997
I wish I was the smarest prsen in the shcool and the popyler prsen. I wish Miss Hunt was in all of my classs. I wish I would be a author. I wish I could be a movi star.

May 12, 1997
My favorie Dr. Seuss book is O Say Can You Say because it is the hardest book I know. it is about tong twestres. Tha make your tong do backfleps and aned up in sant lote.

May 20, 1997
Once apon a time two cowboys named Jack and Kyle. Thae loved bulls, and the grils chreerd for them out loud. One day the shairaff gaive the go to for the boys, you now are afishl cow boys. Yei but at lunch time the theves come, so you better hide “why” said the boys, because I hide “oh” said the doys. “So I juss it’s up to us now” said Jack. Oh no it’s lunch time said Kyle “good lach hide” said Kyle “no” said Jack. In the meanwiyl

Apparently I left a cliff hanger on that last story. Hope you enjoyed. Take the time and go back to look at your writings. I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to your face. Have a nice weekend readers!

Until next time!


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