I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

This post is going to be different than my usual posts. I’ve never been one to get all glammed up. I barely know how to do a winged eyeliner. However, I’ve been watching a lot of beauty vlogs lately and have become intrigued. I decided I need to take care of myself more and care about the image I am giving off. I have always been keen on the grunge and punk look, but that doesn’t mean I have to abandon makeup and proper application. SOOOO this is my journey.

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this. If it’s something you enjoy and would like to see more of, let me know in the comments below!

Without further ado.

Photo Cred: blog.al.comPhoto Cred: blog.al.com

I went to Ulta not that long ago and picked up a few products that I haven’t really tried yet. Yesterday I received an e-mail from Ulta asking me to writing a mini review and rate the products I recently purchased. I did so. I wrote up mini descriptions on their website and you might even be able to find it, if you’re looking at the same product as the ones below. Not any any particular order, here they are:

Covergirl + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation
On the Ulta website, it is listed at 14.99. This may seem a little pricey for those who are not used to buying foundation or CC creams (Color + Correction creams). Let me tell you this though, you don’t really use all that much for the coverage. I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now. Let me start from the beginning. I had been using Bare Minerals loose powder foundation, but found that it made my pores look huge. SOOO I’ve been trying other things out to see which one I want. My mom had a tiny bit left of hers, so I tried it. The shade was darker than my skin tone (I’m a ghost and need shade 105 Ivory.), so I decided to check this one out. My impressions. It goes on super creamy. As I mentioned before, I’m not super fancy when it comes to make up. I’m almost 25 years old and still a make up novice. That all being said, I don’t have a blender or anything like that. I just applied it with my fingers and rubbed it in with my phalanges. It actually covers a lot more than I thought it would. My skin is super sensitive to everything, so I’m always a little leery about trying new things. It covers up my breakouts and I haven’t had any due to this formula. A huge plus. What I’ve been doing with this foundation lately is applying it after using a pore minimizer (big pores, remember?) and then using a tad bit of bronzer and then sealing it all with a translucent powder. It lasts pretty well, but I have found recently that my skin’s oil is showing through around lunch time. It shows on my forehead and my nose. SOOOO I’m going to try and do a “re-apply” at lunch and see if that helps, or I might need to search for something that will help me stay looking matte.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner
On the Ulta website, it is listed at 7.99. I needed a new eyeliner for a couple reasons. 1. The one I had been using is super low. 2. The one I had been using runs down my face. I thought I’d give this one a try. What I really like about this one is that it’s self-sharpening. You don’t need to sharpen it like a regular pencil, just twist it up or down. I like how smooth it goes on and it’s pretty easy to control. It does run a tiny bit, but I’ve found that if I put shadow over it, especially my lower water line, then it stays all day – right where I put it. The thin tip allows for thin liner, or for thicker if you want it darker. I got the shade black because I like really dark eyes. I use this liner on my lower water line, my upper water line and on my lash line. When I was in high school and college, I used to use eyeliner like war paint because I mostly had no idea what I was doing. I’d mess one side up and have to equal it out… most of the time I had panda eyes. This liner is super easy to use, and really let’s you get the line that you want. I haven’t tried doing a wing liner yet, but I’m taking baby steps.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask
On the Ulta website, it is listed at 3.99. I have never had a face mask before. I haven’t tried one until now. Why now? One of the vlogs I was watching had an Ulta haul and they picked up a facial mask. I picked up this one because it says it’s anti-stress and that is something I can definitely use. Dealing with the stresses of life as a young adult is insane. A little “me time” is always greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed this mask. The first thing I noticed was the color. It’s bright blue! How fun, right? You smear it all on in a thin layer and then wait for ten minutes while it dries. When it’s drying, it tightens. Definitely a weird feeling not being able to move your face or speak. I thought washing it off would be a nightmare, but it definitely wasn’t. It came off really easily with just some warm water. Immediately afterwards I found my skin to be smoother. I continue using it once a week, but I can definitely see the benefit of doing it more times.

Not a big take away from Ulta, but it definitely covered some essentials. One of the great things about Ulta is that they usually have coupons sent out via e-mail or in their sale’s ad. Again, this isn’t akin to my usual posts, so please let me know if I should continue doing more posts like this one (beauty, OOTD, my experience trying to be “girly”) in the comments below.

Thanks for the read and enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

  1. Kate says:

    There are these great blotting sheets that you can find at Ulta or a drug store that will absorb any oil and you won’t have to reapply in the middle of the day. Let me know if you want me to recommend one. 🙂


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