Step Up All In Had Me Groovin’ In My Seat

Last weekend I ventured to the movie theater with my niece to see Step Up All In. Coming from a dancing background (I considered myself a dancer for 14 years, more than half my life.), I have seen all of the movies. I have seen all of the show So You Think You Can Dance. And I have been stoked to see the dances they come up with this time around.

Right off the bat, we’re slapped with a cameo from Travis Wall. He was on So You Think You Can Dance as a contestant for season two. And has been a choreographer in more recent seasons. My favorite dance he was a part of was performed with Heidi and was choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Since becoming a choreographer, he as been nominated for an Emmy several times. Below is a sample of the dances he choreographed for the year 2013.

So basically, I was super stoked that I could pick him out. He doesn’t have an actual part in the movie, rather it’s a slide of him teaching. He’s on the screen for less than thirty seconds, but I was beaming.

Comfort is another one that pops in, along with Cyrus and Twitch and choreographer Christopher Scott. (All are in this movie and have performed together on SYTYCD.) Below is a video that are four are in:
Who else was there? This little spit-fire, who recently tried out for season 11.

There’s even a cameo of Adam Shankman. Let me just say, I was in dancer heaven. Most of my favorites all rolled into one movie. There were so many and I’m sure I missed some. Basically I fan girled all over the place. Let me know in the comments who you saw!

Here’s the actual review:
The acting sucked. The story line was weak. It wasn’t super original at all. The dancing was definitely worth it. I didn’t go to this movie to see A-list actors. I didn’t go to this movie to see cinematographic genius. I went to this movie because these movies have a history of increasing their choreography. Trying to out-do the previous. In this sense, it did not disappoint. There were returning characters like Moose and Andy, but also a butt-load of new ones.

Should you see it? If you love dance and you’re all about new styles and new techniques, yes. If you want something that’s more story-driven and more about the hardships of dancer life after school, no. If you want something that’s going to win awards for script, no. If you want to just have a good time and see some talented dancers get together and show off, yes.

I enjoyed it, from a dancer’s perspective. And I’ll probably go to the next one, just to see what they come up with next.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this movie! Have you seen it already? Do you plan to? Do you hate dance and all that it stands for (I might slap you)? Like. Comment. Follow.

Until next time!


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