Outfit of the Day – Workin’ Bold

Hey guys. I’ve never done one of these and thought I would try it, however, I already know I’ve failed out as an OOTD poster by not having images of myself. Womp womp. I’m learning here, so bare with me!

I’m going to preface this by saying that I work for a .com company and I don’t talk to customers, soooo I can wear jeans (and pretty much whatever I want). If your work doesn’t let you do this, don’t. Save it for a weekend or after-work ensemble (whippin’ out the fancy words).

We’ll start from the bottom and work the way up. (Started from the bottom now we’re heeehh – Wow. Stop.)

Shoes: Sketchers. I’m not joking. I’m wearing Sketchers. Solid black, and you can’t see anything that gives away the fact I’m wearing shoes for someone who’s in elementary school. Wow. I just went to look for a picture, and I’m pretty sure I bought them so long ago that they aren’t being sold anymore. :/

Jeans: Rock & Republic straight leg jeans. Dark blue with some distressing. *Searching for an image* (This is why I should take my own pictures!! It’s all becoming clear now.)
Photo Cred: Kohl's
I got them from Kohl’s because I’m an adult, and I do what I want.

Shirt: Black Razor Back. Nothing fancy here. Just a black razor back shirt. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s versatile. It’s actually one of my favorite articles of clothing I own. No picture because, again, I bought this ages ago, and I’m sure they don’t sell it anymore.

Cover: This cover is new. I literally bought it last night. Literally. I love the pattern. It’s striped, but also more complex than that.
Photo Cred: shopstyle.com
I got this from Carson’s using store credit, after I returned ill-fitting Christmas gifts. It’s insanely soft and I’ll probably wear this a ton. I think it’ll be easy to dress up or dress down. Wheee! Fashion-related sentences that I’ve probably never said out loud before.

Ring: The outfit is pretty muted and I think a huge statement ring would definitely jazz it up. I didn’t go with a lot of color on this because I have bigger plans for my pop of color. I got this flower ring from Charming Charlie. And once again I can’t find any images that are even close to what I’m wearing. Soooo, I’ve learned a few things about this whole OOTD posting.

Makeup: I did really subtle eyes with a light brown and minimal eye liner, but a ton of mascara. Here’s my pop of color – the lips. I love having bold, brilliant, bright lips when the rest of my outfit is muted. I used Revlon Colorburst™ Matte Balm in Unapologetic.
Photo Cred: makeupmarlin.blogspot.com

Hair: Messy Bun. I’m talking messy messy. Not omg my hair is, like, so messy. I’m talking Holy crap did she just roll out of bed like that? messy.

Boom. There’s what I’m wearing today. I’ve learned a few things while doing this that I’ll improve on. 1. Take my own pictures! 2. I need to update my wardrobe if I can’t even find most of this stuff online. If you have other suggestions or fashion ideas, let me know in the comments below! If you’d like to see more of these kinds of posts, go ahead and give this one a like.

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Until next time my fellow beauty beasties!

(Picture Credits: Kohls.com, shopstyle.com, makeupmarlin.blogspot.com)


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