All Day With Dat Playaway

I’m sure you’ve noticed (or maybe you haven’t) that I’ve recently picked up Playaway and have been experimenting with this. If you do NOT know what a Playaway is, stay tuned because I’m going to tell you in the next sentence. A Playaway is like an audiobook, but instead of having discs you have a little device that kind of looks like an MP3 player that allows you to plug in your headphones and listen (much like a REAL MP3 player). You can pause, play (obviously), rewind, skip tracks, and control the volume as well! It requires a battery, but you just have to ask when you’re checking out (huzzah for libraries), and they’ll be happy to give yuh one.

I work in an office and for those 8 hours I’m typing on a keyboard when I could be reading a book. I could be opening up my mind to beautiful and wonderful worlds while I’m staring at a screen and dealing with Excel files. I could travel to distant lands and meet new people all without leaving the confines of my work station (it’s not really a cubicle…not really). Boom. Decided. I’m going to get a Playaway and increase my bookage. One book for reading at home. One book for my communte. One book for while I’m working.

My first experience with a Playaway was when I read You’re a Badass. This was the perfect book to listen to while I’m working. I was able to snag the ideas and quotes without having to be fully invested. It was awesome. And yes, I am a badass.

My second Playaway was a little rough. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk was a book that I just didn’t “get”. I wasn’t sure, and still am not sure, if it’s because of the content or because I was super intense in my work. (Heck yes more Excel files!) I just felt really lost and there was a definite disconnect.

Third and final (as of now) attempt at a Playaway was listening to Life After Life. This puppy was even rougher. This book was definitely a literary book and I just felt lost at times. Way more so than my second attempt. The book was great, but I was so distracted and didn’t feel the same emotions that other reviews had felt.

I came up with a solution. It’s not the Playaway’s fault. The Playaway is doing its job perfectly, it’s me. (It’s not you; it’s me.) I’m doing this while working. I’m doing this while I have problems at work that actually require me to use my full attention and block out everything else. I’m doing this … the wrong way.

My super-skinny-runs-for-fun-vegan-roommate listens to Playaways while she’s getting ready for work or while she’s cleaning her room. Goodness me! I could do this. I don’t need to use that many brain cells to get ready for work. (Push button for coffee.) Boom. I don’t need to pour over insane details while cleaning my room. (Socks go in the drawer.) Boom. I need to change my activity in order for me to completely enjoy the book as it should be. ORRRR I need to find a book that doesn’t require me to be fully immersed (sorry Sincero).

Yes. I think I’ll try both just to see what happens. All right. It’s decided. I’ll try this again and let you know if anything has changed.

Your turn! Have you tried out a Playaway? What are you doing when you’re listening and what types of books are you listening to? Have you wanted to try this out why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time my bibliophile beasties!


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