February Favorites 2015

Hello, hello my beauty beasties. This is my first (ever) attempt at doing a favorites post! So, let’s stop messing around and get right to it:

**Disclaimer: These are not my images.

For the winter months, I enjoy smells that are a little heavier and not so much into fruits. I’ve been lathering up with Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom and loving it. Fun fact that I found out recently: Bath and Body Works is cruelty-free, which makes this the Cherry Blossom on top of the sundae.
Photo Cred: guide.alibaba.com
I’ve also been pairing this with the body spray, especially because I don’t shower in the mornings. I want to keep the just-showered smell alive.

Fitness Apparel
As mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been all about my Under Armour Wonder Woman Headbands. They keep the whispy hairs out of my face, and I just feel like I can take on the world much like the Amazonian herself. They come in fun colors, so I switch off for each day I head out to the gym.
Photo Cred: Pinterest
Another Fitness favorite goes to my I Hate Running shirt. I picked this up at Pink, and it has never been truer. It’s a super lightweight muscle back shirt that’s flowy at the bottom. While wearing this on long runs, I get giggles and smiles from fellow runners. I just think it’s hilarious, especially since now is the time my super-skinny-runs-for-fun-vegan-roommate is planning all the races she’s going to do this year and keeps roping me in.
Photo Cred: Ebay.com

I’m not one to be the first in line for a green shake. I’m just not. The sound of kale and spinach did not excite me, until recently. I tried the Green Monster from Oh She Glows and I’m loving it. My knight in shining armor even loves it – and he mostly hates things that taste healthy. And that’s the thing! It doesn’t taste healthy. You can’t taste the spinach or the kale (whichever you use). It’s all vanilla and peanut butter and yum. I know you won’t believe me until you try it. I mean, who wants to drink a green shake? I do.

Make Up
I’ve only tried a couple new things this past month and one of them is: Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara by Grow Luscious. It makes my lashes look super voluminous without being super clumpy. It doesn’t go on thick, so they look pretty natural. I’ve been smitten, for sure. I’ve recently run out of my past mascara and was looking to try something new. I wanted something that works for minimal make up and dramatic. This is a winner.
Photo Cred: Ulta.com

Super short favorites, but we’ll build it up. If you want to see more posts like this, go ahead and give this one a like. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been obsessed with lately. Like. Comment. Follow.

Until next time my fellow beauty beasties!


2 thoughts on “February Favorites 2015

  1. Brittany says:

    I love that running tank, HA!


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