Fitness Check-In

Last week I mentioned that I was going to a training schedule as if I was going to run a half-marathon. Today, I am happy to say that I am on track. This is the re-cap of week one, which ran from March 16 – March 22.

**Different Kind of Post Than Usual Alert**

Day 1
Day one is strength and stretch. The easiest thing for me was to just take a weight class. I’ve already talked about this a little bit in the previous post, but it went well. BodyPump is a variety of weight lifting that’s choreographed to music (Sia, Fall Out Boy, etc).

Day 2
Woke up in the exact same position that I went to sleep. When I moved to shut off my alarm, I realized exactly why that was. BodyPump kicked my butt, and it progressively got worse as the day went on. I went to work (both jobs), as usual, and headed to the gym. Today it says I’m supposed to run three miles, but since I can’t read (or can’t remember the days of the week) I ran two miles. It was easy peasy. Even being sore, it wasn’t the worst thing I could possibly do. This wasn’t so bad!

Day 3
Waking up was about the same as day 2. BodyPump still kicking my butt. After working two jobs, (a full-time and a part-time) I headed over to the ol’ gym once again. Because I messed up yesterday, I ran three miles. At least, I planned on running three miles. My shoes were really fighting with my feet and starting to hurt them. I definitely ran more than yesterday, but not the full three miles. I just couldn’t. The shoes I was wearing were old, and I could certainly tell. I wanted to stop all together, but I walked the remaining of the three miles. Soooo, that’s something, right?!

Day 4
This is the first day where I didn’t wake up sore! The schedule has me running three miles, but I didn’t because life gets in the way. My work ran later than usual, and I had a ton of stuff that I had to get done today. (I.E. homework for online classes. Yes, I work two jobs and am going back to school, because I’m just not busy enough.) I made today my rest day and promised myself that I would run three miles tomorrow.

Day 5
Woke up. Both works. And this time, I actually ran all three miles! I was so happy. I changed the shoes I was wearing and really pushed through. It’s amazing the difference a pair of shoes can make. I was content. When I went home, I found three blisters on one toe. Does this mean I’m a runner now?!

Day 6
Saturday! I had every intention on getting up early and heading over to try a Spin class for the first time. I told so many people that this is what I was going to do as sort of a way to keep myself accountable. However, when the alarm went off, my body decided it wanted sleep rather than a 7AM Spin class. After slowly waking up, I went on a 2+ mile walk instead. Later that night, I did Saturday night things that a twenty-something does. With very little concern over whether or not I would be sorry in the morning.

Day 7
No side effects from the previous night. Just very tired. Today is the day that I run four miles! And I did. This is the most I’ve ever run in one go. I was so proud of myself. I even sprinted the last half mile. I am a beast. (I, in fact, texted several people this.) Blisters everywhere, and I’m not even upset. I’m excited!

Overall, it was a great first week. Hidgon says that minor changes in the schedule to accommodate your life and your schedule is A-OK. The next week is the same as the first week. Just the fact that I got through it once means I know I can do it again.

What are you training for? What have you done this week that’s got you proud of yourself? Let me know in the comments below! Like. Comment. Follow.

Until next time my fitness beasties!


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