March Favorites 2015

Yup. It’s the middle of April and I’m just NOW getting to my March favorites. I feel like it’s the typing of shame right now. Well, instead of dwelling on my horrible timing, let’s get right down to it.

I’ve always been really into hats, and this year I’ve decided to branch out and be more into a Kentucky Derby-esque theme. Big hats. One in particular I got at a place you wouldn’t typically think to look. The Icing. While shopping with my family, little niece included, we stopped in the Icing and I picked up two things – one being this amazing hat, which I wore for Easter Sunday.
It's a-me!
Yes, this is actually me!

I’d been meaning to get a new wallet for awhile, seeing as how my current wallet has decided to start ripping. And it might be because I like to shove as much as possible into it… maaaybe. SO! While on the high of finding this hat, I also grabbed this sweet wallet! I love all the space inside. There’s an insane amount of slots for your cards, window slots for your IDs and extra space for cash and change. I love it! Hmph. No image on the Icing site. But, what I love about this wallet, besides the size, is that it’s not one of those hard wallets. There’s some give, which allows me to stuff what I need inside and not have to worry about breaking anything.

Photo Cred: Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works is having their 2 for $22 sale on their collection of three wick candles. I didn’t go with their new Hawaiian line because that just really isn’t my style. Instead, I picked up Happy and Rainforest Gardenia. Both of these scents are amazing. They smell clean, light, and brighten up my area with that pop of color. I’m definitely looking forward to burning down these beauties.
Photo Cred: Bath and Body Works

Makeup Tip
My favorite makeup tip, for the month of March, is to put lighter colors, or shades, in the inner corner of your eye. I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep. The weather has been super gloomy. All these add up to a horribly tired look. Adding that pop of light to the inner corner opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake than you really are. It also makes you look more youthful and fresh. It’s a super easy trick that anyone can use!

My favorite book for the month of March was… ok. I have more than one. This month was insane for insane (dammit, word choice) books. There were three books that I gave four stars! Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, The Magicians, and The Skriker (review will be out soon!) These are great books for so many different reasons, which I’ll go into more details in my book reviews. It was a great month for reading!

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. You guys. HERMAHGERD. This is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. This is… I can’t come up with words. I’m salivating as I write this right now. Just go. Go get yourself a bag and enjoy. They’ll be gone in one sitting.
Photo Cred:

That’s about it for March. We’ll be having an April Favorites before you know it thanks to my super late March updates.

What have you been loving for the month of March (if you can remember since it seems like eons ago)? Let me know in the comments below. Like. Comment. Follow.

Until next time my beasties!