Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

Hey fellow readers!

I’ve been updating my reading adventure throughout the year by posting every Monday. There’s a problem. Problem’s the wrong word. There’s a …. something. I started blogging my reviews rather late in the year (I had already read 26 books by the time I started), so my reviews have been at least 5 months behind. I want to get all my reviews done before shoving my 2015 ones on you. Huzzah for thinking ahead! So I’m going to spit them out every Monday and Friday. Maybe even rapid-fire them towards the end of the year.

Things to Huzzah about:
– I already reached beyond my goal of 50 books this year!
– I have signed up for a couple ARC sites and successfully been approved!
– I named my nook. His name is Spencer after Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (best show in the world). Get it?! Reid… Read.

Other news about yours truly:
– I probably won’t set a goal to read however many books next year. I’m just gonna read for my pleasure and if I read at least 50 next year, I’ll be pleased. If I don’t, then I don’t and I’ll still be happy.
– I will be signing up for the Jingle Bell 5k for December 6. Yup. I’ll be running in the snow.
– I’m going back to school to get my LTA.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Eat lots of food, more than you should, and enjoy the people around you.

What I’m thankful for? You!! Thank you to every single person who has ever clicked on my blog, read my reviews and other posts, chortled to yourself, liked something, commented, followed. I am so, so, very thankful! Thank you all!

(new book review to come Friday 🙂 )

❤ Megasaurus