2015 Reading Challenge: The Skriker by Caryl Churchill

Photo Cred: goodreads.com
Title: The Skriker
Author: Caryl Churchill
Series: N/A
Release Date: September 1, 1994
Publication: Theatre Communications Group
Medium: Paperback
Fulfills: A play
Finished Reading: March 28, 2015

About: “Premiered at the Royal National Theatre, this extraordinary new play by one of Britain’s leading playwrights combines English folk tales with modern urban life. In terms of its language alone, it is as exciting and challenging on the page as on the stage.
The play follows the Skriker, ‘a shapeshifter and death portent, ancient and damaged’, in its search for love and revenge as it pursues two young women on London, changing its shape at every new encounter. Along with the Skriker come Rawheadandbloodybones, the Kelpie, the Green Lady, Black Dog and more, till the whole country is swarming with enticing and angry creatures that have burst from the underworld.”

I was running through my list of things that I had to read for this 2015 Reading Challenge and saw that I had to read a play. One of my coworkers is a fabulous costumer for various theater companies around the Chicago area. My costumer-coworker immediately said I had to read The Skriker. She then went on a frantic search to find the monologue to get a taste what I was getting myself into. Alas, she couldn’t find it, but the next day I found this play in my work mailbox.

What the heck??

The cover really drew me in. Something about it being dark, but so alluring at the same time. Awesome.

I absolutely loved the whole concept. It sort of reminded me of something that would happen in the show Sleepy Hallow. I was waiting for Abby and Ichabod to make an appearance in one of these pages. After reading it, I’d love to see it performed. I’m curious and excited to see how they’d stage it and how they’d do some of the things described.

My costumer-coworker was absolutely right about the monologue. Talk about being quite the wordsmith. I wholly bow down to Churchill. This was ridiculous. She takes double-speak and stream of conscious to a whole other level. (One that I need to get on.) She doesn’t lull you into this absurd language and colloquial of the Skriker, but rather throws you right in and it’s either sink or swim. I loved it. I LOVE LANGUAGE.

My rating and why: I gave this one four stars! I read it and I really enjoyed it. While, I’m not 100% on every single thing that happened, it was just what I wanted. It was dark, gritty, sarcastic, and definitely right up my alley.

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Until next time my fellow bibliophiles!